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  • Samantha Bee keep up the good work. So many haters responded to your show. You blew their minds with the harsh truth. They are so drunk on the poison kool-aid that Trump keeps shoving down their throats that they can barely see and now are in full hissy fit mode. You are a fantastic, smart, classy lady. I hope to watch your show for years to come.

  • That doesn't even make sense Eddie. Learn english

  • they go abusive when they've run out of arguments, pretty impotent.
    I have very strong doubts about eddie having voted for Hillary, I could be wrong, but;
    An avid follower of Faux News, that jumps on right after being told he should be outraged,
    Seems to not understand the reason for the outrage against Ivanka's tweet.
    Probably never watched Sam before being told he should be offended.
    Probably never watches TBS other than to keep watching American Dad (still, funny show)
    and seems to be quite approving of trump's policies ( posted earlier that all refugees are "F__k'n criminals")

    Hillary lost, we've accepted it, We don't accept that the Tangerine Orangutan is rolling the country backwards to the 1930's.

    It's OK now for you to stop cowering behind the fake "but I voted for Hillary" shtick when cornered. Hang your balls out, or go away until you have a real reason to debate.

  • I was one of the middle children in my family, and we loved each other unconditionally, we neither bowed nor lorded over each other. We often had heated arguments and the occasional fight, and I recall being called a cunt exactly 3 times in our time growing up together, the offending party was taken to task, but they are still around today to talk about it.
    Sorry you lived in fear of losing your existence.

  • Maybe if we ignore him he will go away......

  • Then he can go find another online venue for an opportunity to feel powerful and right. While everyone else is so very wrong.

  • At least we have that in common.
    Now the simple question;
    What is it specifically, about Sam Bee's comment, that has you so upset that you want her show canceled?

    Is it the use of the word "cunt"?
    Shes used it and had it used on her many times before, that's nothing new.
    I generally don't use it, and prefer not to hear is spoken in everyday use, but it exists and is considered here to be one of the most profane expletives, but mainly here in the US as compared to other countries

    Were you offended that the affiliates didn't properly censor her use of the word (bleeped out) on their broadcast, that's on them, as about 80% of them censored the word.

    Were you offended that she attacked Ivanka Trump, a public figure in the administration obliviously posting a picture on twitter, while refugee's (even the legal applicants) were being separated from their children?

    Were you just upset that Rosanne got cancelled, for personally making a public comment that was inherently racist, and looking for equal retaliation for different contexts.

    Were you aware that Sam has attacked both sides, depending on their idiocy, many times before, and calling out the BS in society.

  • So it's just the word that you found offensive, gotcha.

    You should then contact your local TBS affiliate and suggest they tighten up their censorship standards, That's on them for deciding to broadcast the show "in the Raw", as most other regions had the censorship in place.

  • do you mean "like it has not already happened"?
    If that is the case, then once again, you should be upset that your local affiliate did not uphold the censorship standards in your region. You know, those "10 things you can't say on TV".

  • edited June 2018

    Hate to tell you, but TBS sells the show around the world, not just here in the US.
    They distribute the show in the raw, and it's up to the carriers of the show to impose the censorship they deem appropriate.
    And no, expletives should not be commonplace, but are sometimes used to elicit an effect. And it obviously affected you, strongly.

    If you've watched the show for any length of time, you know the show is designed to elicit a reaction, using comedy, satire, harsh language, and ridicule, to make people pay attention to the issue at hand. and her use of a word obviously hooked you into the debate, whatever side you are on.

    The main issue is that here choice of one word detracted from the real issue, and focused fragile sensibilities more on her use of "bad words"

    She wouldn't have had much the same reaction if she had called out Ivanka as an "Ignorant poopy-head".

    You got snagged, as was intended.

  • "Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me." Is it an offensive word? Yes. And Samantha Bee has been called that many times -- remember "Thunder Cunt?" But if our sitting President gets a pass for verbally and physically assaulting women then Samantha verbally going rogue on a impassioned issue is nothing to report on. Get over it. If you think it was to mortally wound Ivanka then you missed the point. Plenty of people in higher positions have done and said worse with malice intent.

  • "Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me." Is it an offensive word? Yes. And Samantha Bee has been called that many times -- remember "Thunder Cunt?" But if our sitting President gets a pass for verbally and physically assaulting women then Samantha verbally going rogue on a impassioned issue is nothing to report on. Get over it. If you think it was to mortally wound Ivanka then you missed the point. Plenty of people in higher positions have done and said worse with malice intent.

  • That's your your opinion, and you are welcome to have it.
    you can sign your eleven month old petition and move on, or stay and continue espousing your fear of anyone/anything you deem "libbies" or"Liberal". Just don't expect much support.

    There are many more shows for you to watch, or not, that's on you.

  • If you don't like Sam why are you on here wasting your time? This is not for you. Go to a platform where you are accepted.

  • Deny, Deflect, Decry
    Rubber, Glue, Rubber, Glue
    Now blame the Jews,
    "Take my Guns Awaaaay", (maybe Bette Midler's new song ;) )

    Seems to be a lot more hate than reason in this one....

    And we were doing so well......

  • eddie, you have the mind of a child and cannot grasp complex adult thoughts. I'm sorry for you. I hope you find the help you need. All my best to you and your future.

  • And "Wow are we collage educated" should have a "?" at the end if that is what you meant.
    Stop. You are not looking as well as you think.

  • If you stay up too late Santa Trump will not come down your chimney and give you all those bags of .... you are not worth the time. Go out side and grow. Give up the hate. It can only get better.

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  • Isn't there an opening disclaimer at the beginning of each show and between commercials? Disclaimers have always been there to warn the most sensitive viewers. Watcher beware! My wife and I love this show and we are savvy enough to know that even the most "vile" remarks are delivered to accent the point being made.
    As for Twitter posts, well they are personal and from the heart unless they are part of a corporate entity or TV show. If Samantha had delivered her comment from her personal twitter account would this be different than Roseanne's comment? Yes it would.
    To TBS, maybe you should increase the font size and duration of the disclaimer!
    To Actors, Comedians, public figures, maybe you need to add disclaimers at the top of your social accounts.

  • DO NOT FIRE SAM, whatever you do... Cunt is liberally used in Europe and does not create the same connotation there, or at least it's more common there. The point is that Trump is TORTURING people by ripping their children away from them, and Melania is supposed to be a spokesperson for anti-bullying? Her husband is committing the worst kind of bullying imaginable, and Sam was emphatically saying DO SOMETHING about your husband. Good god.....

  • Although I hate that "C" word, Samantha was making an important point about the horrific and tragic way children are being torn from their families. There is no equivalency with Roseanne Barr's comments, which were simply pandering to a hateful, racist base.

  • If anyone from TBS/TNT actually reads this, please don't fire Samantha Bee. It's a shame that so many people have focused their outrage on calling Ivanka Trump a bad word. She's part of an administration that's doing abhorrent things. We should NOT be separating children from their parents as a deterrent. It's disgusting, outrageous, and deserves much more than the c-word.

  • Thank you for your post. I agree.

  • I'm sure you are getting lots of hateful comments, probably from both sides, since one side will be unhappy with the original bit and the other will be upset about the apology. So just wanted to send a bit of love your way. I've been watching since the "This Week in God" bits on the Daily Show, and will continue to enjoy your sometimes biting, but important and funny commentary wherever you are. I respect you and am glad you are on the air during this crazy period of our history. Comedians point out the ridiculousness of the world in a way that others cannot.

  • First if you support any political party 100% your an idiot, nobody has all the right answers. What wrong with this country and why we are doomed to fail is we can't find compromise in the middle. If your for it, I'm against it. Nothing gets done. We have a government that can't do a thing to improve our lives in anyway over their opinion being the only right one. Roseann was wrong and I glad she was fired, and Ivanka is a public figure and has to take her lumps. But to go out of your way to call her the most derogatory insult you can call a woman, really. Not putting it on pare with the "N" word. I guess if your with the wrong party women's rights don't count. If your a conservative you are an inflexible assbag that can't change with the times. If your progressive, it's cool to act like humanity doesn't matter if you are on the other side. Find some middle ground and compromise, or teach your children and grand children to live in a post madmax world. Why we fight and get nothing done, their is a world out there that want to march down the main street of your town and inflict there world view on their new nation of subservient second class citizens to do their bidding.

  • Where is the video for the May 30th show??? Us desperate fans start losing it when we miss a show! Samantha has the absolute best show on tv today.

  • Next week, Samantha refers to Kermit as a "Frog Puppet." Will we see the same kind of uproar?

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