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Samantha, I totally support you using the 'C' word which I have coined the 'K' word. My argument is easy to follow, 1. Men should never use the word period. 2. Women should use caution if using the word in some circles, as it could be misconstrued as fighting words. 3. If a woman chooses to use the word in describing Ivanka Trump, or the __**fill_in the blank_**__who slept with your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend, it is because the sorry ass excuse for a woman has earned it. The word 'stupid' or 'f--kin' can be inserted in front of it for added effect, but Miss B kept it classy by using 'feckless' and I learned a new word. It is fitting when used in the proper context by a women, Sorry not Sorry.


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    Your off the rails on your comment, put on your big boy pants and grow up.

  • Eddie- you are spot on ...... Donna’s comment shows just more double standards and hypocrisy the Democrats are becoming notorious for

  • @Donna said:
    Your off the rails on your comment, put on your big boy pants and grow up.

    Obviously, anyone who disagrees with Donna needs to put on their big boy pants. Don’t worry, Donna. No need to address the actual substance of the argument. Obviously, all women can be reduced to their genitalia, and should dress like sluts to earn their father’s attention. Thanks, Donna and Samantha. You’re doing wonders for women everywhere.

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    @MrBinks said:

    Obviously, anyone who disagrees with Donna needs to put on their big boy pants.

    Not for you though, MrBinks, You get a binkie.

  • I disagree with you that men should never use the word. Men should never use the word referencing a woman. But I think using it in reference to other men is fine. It is in keeoing with both British and Australian English for it to be used that way. Me being able to say Donald Trump is a cunt feels right to me because he is a cunt.

  • It gets attention, and it begs the question, just how more effectively can you get Donald's attention. Its crude but persuasive speech justified by the necessity to get the message thru to the dumbest most dangerous US president in history.

    1. Sam is a comedian (comedienne? - I'm probably in trouble already) and her comment got laughs from the audience (i.e. she did her job).

    2. There is no double standard with the Roseanne scenario, because vulgarity is not the same thing as racism.

    3. There are very specific rules (which I'm making up right now, but based on keen observation) around the use of the word "cunt": a) A man calling another man a cunt is hilarious. b) A woman calling a woman a cunt is catty, but less funny for some reason. c) A man calling a woman a cunt is most often misogynistic, but sometimes hilarious (a.k.a. Jim Jefferies using that word to describe the woman who called police on the black folks having a barbecue). d) Anybody calling anybody a cunt in the UK or Australia is perfectly acceptable (even expected?) at all times.

    I'm just trying to figure out what the actual controversy is here. Is the uproar because she used the word "cunt"? That can't be it, otherwise dozens of people need to be axed - Jim Jefferies first and foremost, as he uses that word more frequently than "the".

    Is it because she used the word "cunt" when referring to a specific person? Again, Jim Jefferies does this all the time (targets are both male and female) and nobody is talking about him on CNN.

    Is it because she used the word "cunt" when referring to the president's daughter/senior advisor? That seems to be getting a bit selective to me - is there a list of specific people somewhere that can and can't be referenced by that word?

    To be sure, Sam's comments were offensive and definitely not politically correct. But I thought Sam's primary opposers are nothing if not fervently opposed to political correctness.

    I think there are many snowflakes "on both sides" here.

  • By the way, I considered the part immediately after where she alleged incest to be a far worse burn than the blunt instrument of the word "cunt", yet nobody is up in arms about that. Can it be assumed that everyone is conceding that point?

  • Still trying to figure out the controversy - is it because a female comedian used "boy talk"?

  • Its sexism! Because I wondered if part of Sam's use of c___ stemed from being Canadian, I looked up a history of the word - interestng. Guys don't get called out for calling someone a dick. "Dicks with sticks" is an acceptable name for a guys' knitting group. Can you imagine wanting to reigister "Cunts who crochet" as a TM? Both Roseanne and Sam got scalded around the same time. Having women and blacks at each others throats makes it easier for the "guys" to act out. Women in comedy have a hard way to go. I remember Roseanne showing repect for the anthem!
    Have a show where Sam joins her (and others in the biz) to talk and joke about the entymology of this and other offensive words. Who said the best defense is an offense?

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