Everyone is missing the point on why what she did was soooooo wrong.

Everyone is missing the point: Rosanne deserved to be fired over the "ape" comment and SB deserves to be fired for her c-word comment as well. People hate Trump for many reasons but several of those reasons is that he's vile, demeans his opponents and brawls around in the gutter as opposed to actually debating the important topics. SB has managed to lower herself to HIS level by using the same tactics. That's what is wrong with her "joke". She's no better than Trump calling some people "animals". All she managed to do is to prove that she knows at least one slur that he knows as well. Until we liberals wake up and STOP playing on Trump's turf, we loose. It's that simple. SB shouldn't apologize -- she should quit or be fired because all she does is fuel the Trump bandwagon. She's no better than Trump right now.


  • You are right about this. If the show is cancelled the biggest losers will be the Trump supporters who constantly complain about the double standard. If Bee is not sanctioned, any claims of bigotry or offensive made by liberals going forward will be met with yawns.

  • Trump is the friggin President of the United States. I propose he should be held to a bit of a higher standard than a late night comedienne who was hired specifically for her "tactics".

    Trump did not get the majority vote despite what he says. Doubtful he actually got the electoral. Can you say "hacking"?

    Guilty as sin. That is how he acts. Because he is. And his daughter is just as gross as he is.

  • "Trump is the friggin President of the United States. I propose he should be held to a bit of a higher standard..." Yes, the same way we held President Clinton to a higher standard of behavior when it comes to sexual misconduct and rape......

    "a higher standard than a late night comedienne"..... I didn't hear any of ya'll defending Rosanne using the same logic ("It was only a joke!")

    Never the less, my point is: We say that Trump is degrading public discourse -- let's not participate in that and answer degrading comments with degrading comments from out side as well.

    Answering evil with evil, vile comments with more vile comments, and four letter words with more four letter words is not the answer. We should be better and hold ourselves to a higher standard than Trump.

  • Obviously you do not understand racism.

  • Hey! What about Clinton?!.....

    That is sooooo last year.

  • So my 13-year-old daughter just found out what I am doing and she said, "But what Roseanne did was bad...."

    There you have it. Out of the mouths of babes. She understands the difference between racism and a joke......

  • A sexist joke is as bad as a racist joke. I suppose you wouldn't want your 13 year old to go around calling other girls at school Cun&s out of fun, now would you?

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    Cunt is not sexist. Bitch is not sexist. Dick is not sexist. Asshole is not sexist. They are derogatory terms, or descriptive adjectives for awful people, referencing a gender based personality trait. (Free English lesson for ya. You're welcome.)

    Referring to a person of color as an ape is sooooo very racist. Do some history look ups there comrade.

    And if the little cunts at school deserved to be called cunts I fully support her. There are lots of little cunts around these days.

  • (They are technically pronouns. We learn about those here in 3rd grade. A native English speaker as argumentative as you would have caught that intentional bait.......)

    Ypa! 🥂

  • Kyndcarla - might not be sexist; perhaps a better word is vulgar, or crudely indecent, and offensive. It is totally unbefitting a publicly viewed television program.

  • kyndcarl: Believe what you want about language, you are entitled to your opinion. The truth is that at one point in our history the word Nigg$% was a "derogatory term, or descriptive adjective" applied to people of a certain race and is now understood to to be "racist". I believe that the words you cited are sexist and fall into the same category. Racism and sexism are different expressions of the same thing -- defining someone by physical characteristics (color of skin or bodily parts) to demean and degrade the person. That's wrong.

    If Trump called Hillary a "cu%&" where would ya'll be on the issue?

    But let's return to my essentially point: we do not win hearts and minds by fighting on Trumps turf with his tactics -- we object when he is vulgar and offensive, sexist and racist. I think we ought to hold ourselves to the same standard we want our president to achieve.

  • Ballard. We probably disagree about a lot of things, but you are right about this. If you take kyndcarla's last comment substitute the 'N' word in place of c*nt and racist for sexist; I picture an old southern guy from 50 years ago talking about black people. I understand the support for Samantha Bee. She's funny and many agree with her politics. But, you are right on this issue. Kyndcarla is wrong.

  • Trump DID call Hillary a cunt.

  • And c#nts everywhere were horribly offended.

  • He doesn't offend me for that reason. There are FAR too many bigger ones.

  • Just a newsflash for all these commentators freely using this disgusting word. Foul and demeaning language does NOT make you a feminist. I fear for the young girls of today.

  • I also fear for all the young people of today. They are going to be handed a shitty mess by the baby boomer generation because all y'all decided to celebrate mediocrity and dumbassery instead of brilliance and change.

    They are being taught by the leaders of this country that it's ok to be a criminal--as long as you're rich and white. They are being taught that they could be shot because they want to learn because money is, and always will be, more important than their lives.

    And you are worried they might say a naughty word.....


  • Vulgarity is the new normal in the U.S. As for feckless, it means "lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible". Also part of the new normal it would seem.

  • No. I don't have torches. Only Nazis have torches. ABC dealt with Roseanne. She can say whatever she wants and be as big a racist as she wants. I don't care. I don't even know her. Haven't watched that show since the 80s.

    You really shouldn't assume.

  • I'm only here to point out the obvious paid trolling.


  • Samantha a woman calling a woman a cunt is totally fine. You all have equal status in relation to the word. Unlike say a white person making a racist statement which is problematic because it is across groups. Cunt is also a commonly used explitive in British and Australian English which means it is also totally fine for men to call other men cunts in my opinion, but still never ok for a man to call a woman a cunt. Donald Trump is for sure a cunt no other word in English really does him justice. Part of what is great about having female voices in comedy is that you all can pull out truly top shelf swears in ways that would be inappropriate for men to do. Conservative safe space hating free speech espousing blowhards need to be reminded that when it comes to free speech it is the left that truly believes in it. Tell these piece of shit MAGA assholes to fuck off while burning a flag on an NFL field during the national anthem I say. Now that is free speech and no safe spaces.

  • It's a four letter word used by those who wish to shock, and gain the most amount of attention in the shortest amount of time but at what a cost. It is not socially acceptable, whether you admit it or not, it wreaks your reputation and credibility.

    Feckless, that's innovative and creative. Sooner or later, Ivanka will be an adjective in its own right to describe, well you guessed, an Invanka act, by a "real Ivanka".

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