Full Frontal with Samantha Bee / May 30, 2018 / Episode Discussion Thread



  • TBS should fire Samantha BEE - You should be fired for your filthy mouth. Yeah, she and Chelsea Clinton both stand up for their parents...what a terrible thing... neither of them had great parents...find something else to whine about...how about using your pulpit for better ideas, not just slinging crap around ...it's coming back to land on you.

  • Cannot believe that TBS will continue to endorse Samantha Bee. This show is appalling - and for those of you who are excusing her behavior for whatever reason, shame on you, too. I'm sure you were right up front with your criticism of Roseanne (which I do NOT excuse, either) So where are you now? Where is your righteous indignation at bad behavior? Your inability to accept an apology when given, because of a higher concept of decency to other people? I've read the justifications already -- "That was racist - this is merely profanity." Excuse me, but that's ridiculous. Abusive language is abusive language - period. Get rid of Samantha's show.

  • TBS- get her off the air NOW!! I'll never watch any TBS shows again. Hypocrites!

  • Conservatives would think it's fair if Samantha Bee's show was cancelled like Roseanne Barr's show was cancelled. That hasn't happened yet. If it doesn't, then Trump is right.

  • Yes Ms. Bee. My wish is that you be fired immediately for the vile attack on someone you don't even know. I don't watch your show because you are not the least bit funny to begin with. You are the same as all the other hack comedians who don't have an imagination. Your default is to attack Trump and it is boring and old. But you have taken it to another level. You are a disgusting, indecent individual. If Roseanne gets fired for saying something about a "woman of color" and meant it as a joke just like yours, than so should you. TBS needs to dismiss you and end your floundering career so you may get on with your life. See you next Tuesday.

  • So, if Samantha Bee should stay, why should Roseanne be cancelled?

  • One show was focused around family values (however dysfunctional) where the show's lead made a public comment about equating someone as being subhuman, and therefore, without deserving of human rights.

    One show is focused specifically on criticizing political stances, and the show's lead made a public comment about equating a person's ignorance as being tasteless, and therefore, without deserving of respect.

    While the language used was definitely crass (and extremely insulting) it is not equivalence to demand the same outcome from different genres.

  • So its ok to put someone down because of where they come from/who is in theirfamily/their opinions or beliefs ... hmmmm i thought that was ignorant prejudice. thank you samantha bee for clearing that up for me. honestly you should be ashamed of yourself. you preach equal rights and peace but he spit hate and discontent. i will pray for you.

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    I didn't realize TNT/TBS was that far on the left. The double standards every day continue! Farrakhan is a antiSemitic and that's okay at least he didn't vote for Trump who doesn't put out the red carpet for the drug lords and terrorists. How dare Trump protect Americans and tell people to get back in line. yeah, change his policy now! If not you'll be called the C word because well. that's okay only because Samatha Bee is not a conservative. The bs is getting old. I will no longer watch TNT/TBS for the foreseeable future, because you know why? It's NOT OKAY.

  • This is comparing a teacher who said the .....word to a murderer who apologized for killing someone. Rasism and xenofobia kills people, literally!

  • Her remarks were not OKAY, and the apology is a day late and a dollar short. I hope your network is boycotted. She should be canceled just as Roseanne was canceled. It is not okay to make these kind of remarks on national television. I wonder how she would feel if people said that about her on national television.
    Enough is enough.

  • Your comments toward Ivanka Trump are disgraceful and disgusting. You should be fired for your vulgar language that you use. I guess you are trying to be cutting edge. It's just trash. Nothing you say is funny. Trash Trump, Trash Trump. BORING!!!

  • They aren't going to fire her. The traffic here is weak. Find a new lefty to troll. I hear someone leaked Michael Cohen tapes today with him threatening a reporter from the Daily Beast that he would ruin his life if the article he was writing mentioned how Donald RAPED Ivana.

    Good stuff. Go get it.

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