TBS and Samantha Bee

Does TBS still stand by Samantha Bee in light of the incredibly offensive comments she has made towards Ivanka Trump. Since when is acceptable to slur a mother of young children with the 'C' word? I thought Samantha Bee was much smarter and I question TBS leadership if this issue is not resolved promptly.


  • How horrible, this attack on one woman from another. I am permanently tuning out from watching Samantha Bee on TBS or anywhere else for this matter. TBS, you have fallen far and low. I used to watch this network all the time (it used to be funny) but it's content has become white hot hatred. Any woman (Samantha Bee) calling another woman (Ivanka Trump) a feckless "C" for any reason is hate speech and abhorrent. I'm shocked, seriously. I am in no way a Trump supporter but I CAN NO LONGER HANDLE THIS KIND OF HATRED. I won't! I'd like to see her show cancelled but no matter, I'm done with her.

  • Hi Shaw, you speak Russian?

  • Unbelievable that TBS is soft peddling this instead of firing Samatha Bee. She used a picture just to find an excuse to to spit vitriol at a woman with more class in her little finger than Samatha Bee has in her whole body. Please tell me how this is any better than using the N word for an african american???? It is the most vile word that can be used against a woman. Fire Her! I won't stand for this. and I will not buy from any TBS sponsors that support her.

  • In case you haven't noticed, most of her sponsors are leaving! Hope that forces her out. We don't need that kind of hatred on the air. Or anywhere.

  • Lisa, I'm just wondering how you would feel if someone called you a cunt on national television in front of your children. Charhopkins is right, we don't need her any longer.

  • Samantha Bee's program Full Frontal is a sane voice in an insane world. Sometimes vulgar? Possibly. Controversial? I hope so! Informative and thought provoking? Always.
    In case no one else was aware, cunt is another word for pussy. Seems the president non-elect doesn't mind grabbing them (pussies) but has problems when his daughter, (who has a well publicized role in his administration and is profiting from her father's role) is called one (cunt).
    Samantha Bee and her staff do an amazing job covering issues that too often get overlooked because of the three ring circus that is the current White House.
    P.S. She wouldn't be stepping on so many damn feet if there weren't so many clowns in this administration. (Couldn't help myself.)

  • TBS please do not change Sam Bee! She is the one of very few with the courage to stand up and say what so many of us are screaming on the inside. She was expressing her first amendment right on late night television and I support her 100%. She apologized for her use of the C-word and that should be that. People who are outraged should spend 20min watching the rest of her show and then see what they really stand for.

  • I fully support TBS and Samantha Bee. Maybe instead of the controversial word she used for Ivanka, she should have used the word Ivanka's father uses, you know p*****. Samantha apologized for using her word, but her message is loud and clear. It was almost a slap in the face to see a picture of Ivanka with her kid while the news had been broadcasting about the missing children of foreigners trying to make a better life for their children in our country. When Trump is man enough to apologize for all of his stupid comments, maybe our country will start being civil again.

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