Violent threats against Democratic candidates

I am surprised that Samantha Bee has never done a segment on Kim Weaver, who withdrew from Iowa's 4th congressional district race due to intimidation that included death threats. She was going to run against Congressman Steve King.
Last year, Newsweek did a story about threats made to possible Democratic nominees, including Kim Weaver. Stories about Weaver can also be found in Elle, USA Today, Des Moines Register. I think this trend should be highlighted on Samantha's show.


  • Really? A politican got a death threat? Nooooo.....unbelievable! Well at least no one posted a pic of themselves pretending to hold her decapitated, bloody head like a certain other entertainer...

  • Sometimes, those threats are made by Democrats trying to give the false impression that Republicans are engaged in dirty tricks.

  • Yes - let’s talk about Steve Scalise (R-La), who was shot at a baseball game; or how about Madonna threatening to burn down the White House; and then there’s Joe Biden wanting to take Trump out in the alley to beat him up. Classy guy! Rosie O’Donnell even chimed in to ask if there wasn’t someone who could take out Donald Trump.

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