Anything newsworthy about Kareem Hunt lately?

Dear Amanda B,

Watching SportCenter's coverage of Kareem Hunt's off-field behavior left me with questions, so I'm hoping you can fill in a few blanks...

  1. The incident happened back in February; yet it wasn't until today the Chiefs released the player on the tape evidence. What took so long?

  2. Chiefs said they asked for the tape but couldn't get a copy. Did it never occur to them to tell TMZ to sniff out the tape?

  3. Now that the public has seen the tape, is this also the first time the Chiefs are seeing the tape?

  4. Chiefs indicated they were awaiting results from a police investigation to conclude before taking action. What could they possibly think would justify Kareem's actions in the tape?

Thanks Amanda B for any clarity you can provide.

PS - We love you!

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