Hey liberals! You do know that Bee grew up in the most solicist part of Canada. She has no clue what true Americans think! Only reason this crazy lib/socialist has a job is because of Ted Turner! You young morons probably have no idea who he is so I will tell you. He is a billionaire that pretty much started cable tv back in the early 80’s. He is also married to Hanoi Jane (google it young morons). He has a big ranch up in my home state (Montana), I wish him and Hanoi Jan would just leave! Bee, please go back to Canada! Also, please don’t make fun of cancer patients again. It might be funny in Toronto, but not in America!!!


  • Also, never watch your show. Big Bang reruns are on before your crap so I always make sure I turn the channel before you come on. Anywho, big fan!!!! Haha

  • My granddads fought against you facists in WWII, it’s called the third Reich (morons, google it). You followers of Bee are doing the samething the Germans did 70-80 years ago! You are so brainwashed and you don’t even know it!!!! It’s so sad!!!! Wake the hell up!!!!

  • I would love to debate Bee. Someone with an actual job and a brain, she would go in her safe zone!!!! Raindeer in head lights! Say hi to turner and Hanoi Jane from me!!!!! Haha

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