Why is Trump the way he is? Besides multiple personality disorders, this ONE SERIOUS REASON!!!

Dearest Samantha,

What more has to happen before anyone says that Trump is a far right conspiracy theorist? Trump wants to make the king of crap, Alex Jones proud! https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/remember-when-donald-trump-appeared-on-alex-jones-infowars-1.5443723 This FACT needs to be taken VERY seriously which hasn't happened. This extreme belief system has escalated throughout the years and has created millions of brainwashed people including Trump! The #1 reason Trump won is that a HUGE percent of "His People" are far right extreme conspiracy theorists that HATE Hilary and the like! Millions of people truly believe all the insane stories! These LOYAL, aggressive, racist, hate filled people live and breathe these vile falsehoods who live in their own reality and now they finally have a leader! Trump is why these people are surfacing and these people are showing their true colors by becoming more violent and intolerant! The more Trump talks and tweets the better so we know the madness we are dealing with because he is their voice! This explains everything to the dumbfounded wondering why everything is happening! Please be the one to air this important information that has not been thoroughly dissected.

Peace, Love and Blessings,
Kimberly Key Young

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