This is Not a Game cheated me! Nefarious corruption? Scandal!!

Damn it, where'd my frickin' message go?! Stupid thing just disappeared. More and more frustrations from Samantha Bee-related deals, which I'm in no condition to withstand gracefully, being sleep deprived, and a huge Sam Bee fan. Grrrr...

ANYway, retyping message: A few minutes before the quiz time today, I was reporting on alleged vote "flipping" here in North Texas, filling out required fields, so as to get extra lives in the game. (The vote flipping is apparently just due to voters trying to go too quickly on these archaic voting machines, pushing buttons more than once, and not waiting for the old geezers to go through their slow process, so no intentional changing of votes, but I wanted the extra lives, so was reporting it.) Just as I was about to submit it, the game on the app made that screen (and all my input) disappear, to pull me over to wait the final three or so minutes, till the quiz started. Annoying, but bearable.

THEN came the vote flipping in the quiz: Being a native of Dallas, Texas, I am very aware of whence Topo Chico water comes (yes, people in Texas say "whence"--well, this person does). I pushed the correct answer, which turned purple. BUT, when time was up, suddenly it turned un-purple, as if I'd made no selection, and that was counted as wrong. Oy, the outrage! But there was more corruption to come! On two different questions, to which I knew the correct answers, the system simply would not accept my answers; the answers stayed stubbornly unchanged, despite my repeated clicking, and so those were also marked as wrong. Such quiz answering suppression would impress Brian Kemp!

Thank goodness I got a couple of other answers wrong, legitimately, so I know I wouldn't have won anyway, but whatever caused these screw ups, I hope they don't happen again. Too frustrating, which we really do not need, in addition to all that the POTUS brings, along with so many other corrupt and just horrific folks working for and around him. So, please fix these glitchy bugs, ok? Thanks, y'all!


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