Anyone else have trouble with "This is not a game" on 9/20 ONLY?

The app worked perfectly up until today. 3 questions' answers showed up with 0 people chosing each option. A few more wouldn't let me choose an answer at all and 2 questions displayed as wrong that were actually right. Nothing wrong with my wifi. Anyone else?


  • Having issues with games
    If correct answer is the bottom choice I keep clicking on it and it will not select abc then says incorrect answer
    Example today’s game
    Knew answer was marijuana and clicked several times and it would not choose it so I lost after gaining lives
    Very frustrating as this is at least the third game this has happened on

  • I just tried to play for the 1st time....heard the questions did not see the answer....just a blank screen till it was to late to answer....till i lost a life...very disappointing .knew all the answers,but could not play and still lost a life

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