This is not a game

It doesn’t work. Can not register with Facebook or by email. Get error message.

Not a good start.


  • I realize I'm one of the 38 people in America who don't have a "smart" phone, tablet or other such device, but I'd still like to be able to play. Will there be a version I can use on my laptop?

  • I asked my own question, but I can affirm this one :)

  • Crashed trying to play today - 8,000 plus players. App marked all of my answers wrong because it couldn't load the questions or the pictures for me to answer or didn't register my answers.
    Need to upgrade to avoid this issue. Players loose interest if they can't actually play.

  • this has happened twice...i answer a couple of questions correctly, then i'm unable to choose an answer for any other questions. very disappointing!!!

  • I just tried to play for the 1st time....heard the questions did not see the answer....just a blank screen till it was to late to answer....till i lost a life...very disappointing .knew all the answers,but could not play and still lost a life

  • Bummer. Love Samantha Bee but not so much the game. Have never gotten past the first question. Answer it correctly but doesn't submit. Today, i could hear the question but had a blank screen. Boo hoo........

  • Unfortunately the app doesn't work. The first time I remembered to check at 6pm (few days ago) it claimed the game was already done, and today it didn't show any choices so I got every answer "wrong". It's a poorly written app anyway since it doesn't close properly and just has an overall crappy feel to it so I just deleted it. Interesting idea, try using professional developers next time I guess.

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