this is not a game

I get an error when I try to sign up on a samsung s5:
received an error with invalid JSON from Parse: blablabla.
I am using the same email that I used here. WTF?


  • 502 Bad Gateway. I agree with the premise, but the execution is lacking something. Like a game that actually works. And why does in need so many permissions?

  • You're right this is not a game. First, Google play never heard of it. I finally got it through text. Then when I try to sign up it gives me an error message. Not fun!

  • Sorry I could get into your app yet, but maybe now I figured out how to send and email there is hope. Sorry I’m a dinosaur but I think you’re great and right on time. P.S. of course I voted. Just hope the rest of us will vote next time so thank you!

  • In order to participate in the "game," "Democracy," one must first download an "app" to a "smartphone." Therefore, unless you have a "smartphone," you are discriminated against and cannot participate. Doesn't sound very democratic, does it?

    Couldn't expect any less from samantha bee.

  • I get a message saying my device is not compatible very disappointed

  • I think that your website should include the requirements/specs for all of the various platforms that will run your game. For example, will it run on computers, or ONLY on cell phones, and if that is the case, which brands/models/operating systems/versions/etc.? Also, your Forum should have a section that deals with bugs, which would invite (tech) solutions from your (tech) fans/users.

  • Can anyone tell me... I have extra lives but they don't seem to "activate" when I get a question wrong. How do they work? Is it ONLY that they allow you to continue in the game but you can't win?

  • I just tried to play for the 1st time....heard the questions did not see the answer....just a blank screen till it was to late to answer....till i lost a life...very disappointing .knew all the answers,but could not play and still lost a life

  • Winner Suppression:
    I have been playing the game pretty faithfully and have been listening to npr every morning to know whats going on.

    I had nine right today going into the last question which was, “When is election day?” Three of the four answers were Tuesday, with some other confusing thing. I picked the second Tuesday which turned out to be wrong. Then they said nobody Won.

    Im not making this up. My wife died of ALS in 2014 and Ive been raising two kids by myself. $7500 would be a big boost to my family. I think i won and i think the game has been rigged lately so nobody wins.

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