Thank you to all show staff / #metoo

Dear Full Frontal,
I’ve been meaning to write you for over a year now but basically let it go. After watching the latest #metoo recap episode I decided to share my story anyway.
I am a faithful watcher of this show. Absolutely makes me laugh when I want to cry about the state of the world. June of 2017 I was summoned to jury duty. I had some intentions to try and get out of it. (I know, it’s an honor to serve your civic duty but it’s still a chore.) The night before I was to report Samantha Bee said that more women need to serve on jury duty. Gulp! So I went. I was chosen. It was a gut wrenching 4wk trial of two step daughters accusing their ex step dad of molestation. Luckily there were a couple other bad ass women willing to stand up and believe women (plus some dudes too). It took about a week for the jurors to agree but we convicted the pedophile. (And, yes, I truly believe he was guilty by the evidence not out of a manhunt mentality or loyalty to women just to make that clear.)
All this to say, that what you say matters. That you are changing society and lives for the better. You most definitely did for those two girls so thank you.

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