Women over-represented -- by a lot! -- as the murderers in TV crime dramas!

Hi Sam!
Many thanks for your incredible bravery in the face of what are increasingly difficult times for American women!

My comment is that women are MUCH over-represented as the perpetrators of violent crimes in TV police dramas. According to FBI stats for 2012, 73.8% of all arrestees were males and males accounted for 80.1% of persons arrested for violent crimes, including almost 89% of homicides.

Why, then, are we constantly bombarded with the dishonest TV message that women commit these crimes in equal -- or even higher -- numbers? This has to be having a subliminal impact on societal attitudes toward women.

Over the years I have noticed this on many, many shows, even (especially?) shows where strong women are highlighted in major roles, with NCIS, Elementary and Instinct being particularly egregious examples that are currently still in production.

If you think this is as important a cultural influence as I do, could you please look into it and call them on it? It is utter rot and one more thing that helps the misogynists in their relentless quest to make sure we are seen as at least as venal as men, which in this case is a bald-faced lie. If it is an attempt at 'equality' or 'equal representation' or 'balance' or whatever, there must be better ways than spreading the untruth that we commit the same violent crimes as men and in even greater numbers.

Many thanks for listening! Go get 'em, Girl!

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