Here's a joke- The American Mental Health System

You should do a segment on the mental health system in our country (if you have not already done so). My brother was released from a mental health hospital, and taken by taxi to a WOMEN'S SHELTER! In his mania, he has harassed every woman he has ever know or dated and this is what the mental health system chooses to do with him!?!?!? I really think this story needs to stretch as far as possible!

Read my story below. I copy and pasted this from my Facebook page, it wouldn't let me copy the link.

Please read (very long post-sorry)
Transformation Tuesday- I am not someone who ever uses Facebook as a platform for my personal life, but- people want to know why those with serious mental illnesses do not get the help they need. This is what our mental health and justice system does with those who have severe mental illnesses.
This is my brother. He has been hospitalized 5 times within the last three months for his Bipolar. In between hospitalizations, law enforcement carts him around, but ultimately, release him back into an environment that is unsafe for him and everyone else. Upon being released from his third hospitalization, he was dumped at a WOMEN's shelter-- Crazy, right? Sounds illegal, right?? I am so sad that this has happened to my brother and it will continue to happen to others until the laws are changed about what is done to help these individuals.
This system leaves families devastated. I spent yesterday trying to keep him busy because he is in a highly manic state. We started the day at 4:45 am when he demanded my mom and I take him to the hospital for his shoulder injury (slammed to the ground by a security guard for not complying with hospital policies). Although we knew there was nothing they could do, we agreed to his demands because he escalates quickly and it is scary for us. After the hospital, I spent 3.5 hours keeping him busy by driving him around places. We went grocery shopping and made 5 additional errands. After grocery shopping I told him we needed to go home at which point he became angry with me and jumped out of the car while it was still moving.
Later, he called me from a law office in town (where I could hear the employees in the background laughing at his behavior). He wanted his medicine so I took it to him. When I arrived, I told him he needed to get in the car and come home to find something else to do (because I do not feel it is safe/acceptable/appropriate for him to walk around town with homeless people he meets). He said "F#$%^ no I'm not doing that." I reminded him that if he chose not to come with me he would no longer to be able to stay at my Mom's house (per a written agreement regarding his behavior). He did not care and said, "Yep, I know, love ya! Bye Molly!!!!" It only took 3.5 hours before I was no longer able to control him or help him in any way.
He spent the rest of the night wrecking havoc and going to every house that he knew who lived there, trying to get people to bring him to our house until eventually he was arrested.
Our justice system and mental health system leave it up to families to provide care for these people and it is simply UNACCEPTABLE and honestly DISGUSTING!
If you see him, please do not ask me what to do. If you feel threatened or scared call the cops.
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