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Re Ivanka Insult: Ms. Bee, the show producers, the network bosses all knew exactly what they were doing and had a pre-planned public apology ready to go. They are also very aware of how to gain publicity for a show that was on a downward spiral ratings-wise and breathe life into it again, if only briefly; for them, it was worth taking that chance. They know, as well, that you can gain favor, fans and supporters by making statements that are not necessarily true, but that they know will feed the appetites of all those today who get their facts and opinions via memes, sound bites or web sites that are obviously biased and lean toward their own views. The hell with actual truth or taking time to research something before forming an opinion. Anything that takes more than 15 seconds to read or scan is ignored. Personally, I don't think I want to get my news and views from someone who thinks throwing a large cup of soda (or whatever) directly at the camera filming her makes for a good commercial to represent her and what her show stands for. What is the purpose of this? To show that she is a smart-ass jerk who doesn't care what anybody thinks and will do and say whatever she wants? Is this the type of character and integrity we look up to today? We don't need more people to insult, demean and criticize. We need more people who truly want to find and offer solutions. I cry and fear for us all if this mentality is our future.

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