Chris Hardwick

Can Samantha please mention on her show how Chris Hardwick is being railroaded with a single accusation from a ex that doesn't seem to be that reliable.
I am a fan of the show and agree with most of the content but I think the " Me too" is starting to go off track when someones career can be damaged on simply an accusation. I would like the staff to look into this and if there is solid evidence than i think he should suffer the consequences of his actions but if there is no proof than stand behind a fellow human being and show the injustice of over reaction.


  • I doubt any follow-up will be done in regard to the inclusion of his image in a montage - and that's really a shame. Our inarguably paternalistic, misogynist society has always used lies, innuendo, character assassination, public shaming, and a rainbow of threats to deny women the basic rights of citizenship. The goal/reality of a culture that disenfranchises more than half of its population is, to understate it by infinite orders of magnitude, awful - and so are the tactics used to achieve and maintain it. Seeing a hero of the left/women's movement use those tactics against some schmuck that has not been credibly accused of wrongdoing (someone who was defended by multiple women with personal knowledge of the man/his life), really stinks.

    I am of course fully supportive of the wacky notion that women who upend their lives to expose the predatory/criminal behavior of men should be shown genuine respect and taken very very seriously as the assault(s) are fully investigated....whether it's one woman or fifty. But is it concern-trolling to suggest that taking an accusation seriously is not the same as assuming it to be true without question or investigation? If so, then we are in serious trouble, because that will give the political right a tool with the power to unravel all recent gains... a tool that, without our help, they could never hope to have. All some gross sh*t-chan 'activist' has to do is manipulate someone into leveling an accusation against this-or-that beloved figure, and then watch the 'fun' as that accusation is proven baseless. Lather, rinse, repeat 4 or 5 times and suddenly the media has an impenetrable anti-movement narrative that will result in a return to consequence-free predation practically overnight. Hell they're already trying hard to undo all ground gained (les moonves anyone?). I mean... Of course, but... Our heroes and leaders don't have to help them by engaging in easy-breezy offhand character assassination.

    It's a big deal to have the strength and bravery to name one's attacker/oppressor. It's also a big deal to be accused of some of the worst behavior of which one can be accused. The former is never, ever done casually - the latter shouldn't be.

    A reliably accurate scorn-cannon was irresponsibly off-target this time.

    " if there is solid evidence than i think he should suffer the consequences of his actions but if there is no proof than stand behind a fellow human being...."


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