Full Frontal with Samantha Bee / June 20, 2018 / Episode Discussion Thread

Are you mad about the Administration's immigration policy too? Sam rails against family separations at the border, Mike Rubens investigates Tom Steyer's impeachment campaign and Mark Hamill pays us a visit. Weigh in with your thoughts on tonight's episode!


  • Hi! Awesome show tonight. We can always count on Full Frontal to provide honest reporting - along with some comedic relief! Please see this article from WaPo about a group of ~20 young alumni from Kirstjen Nielsen's high school alma mater calling on Berkeley Prep in Tampa (we know Sam LOVES Tampa!) to condemn Nielsen, as her actions are not consistent with our school's mission. We've raised over $10k for RAICES, and our open letter now has over 600 signatures within 2 days. Thanks!!!! And thank you, Sam/FF! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/education/wp/2018/06/20/homeland-security-secretary-kirstjen-nielsen-condemned-by-her-high-schools-alumni-over-border-crisis/

  • I would love to see someone be honest about the USA. The rich and powerful are above the law. It is a fact. Everyone acts so surprised about “injustice” yet we know for a fact the rich and powerful will never get more than a fine (and the fine will be reduced on appeal).
    It may not be funny, but it is reality. Maybe it is funny that people expect Mueller to prosecute Trump. There is no way Trump will ever have to answer for any crime. Unless he strangles a baby on tv... and maybe even then he could just say the baby threatened him.

  • It's too bad your hate blinds you, open your mind to the truth. This is just one story of Obama's immigrant camps and it is from the liberal NY Times. What is happening is not right but it is not solely Trumps doing. It's both parties fault including Obama. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/29/us/politics/us-placed-immigrant-children-with-traffickers-report-says.html

  • This is so banal, but what did it say on Sam's t-shirt this week?

  • As usual, Full Frontal was a wonderfully informative and bitingly funny show this week.
    Samantha Bee's delivery - even of such horrible news as the Trump Anti-Child Campaign - was witty and well timed. She and her staff are treasures that I hope TBS and TNT will keep providing for viewers for years to come!
    I wish the subject matter was not something that happened in our Nation, but it did and it NEEDED TO BE FRONT PAGE EVERYWHERE! The cruel and foolish immigration policies of Don "the Con" Trump's gang of conspirators are going to earn the USA enemies for generations to come, and it will be our Nation's fault! When you traumatize children, you make enemies. That is something everyone with any sense knows! But Trump and his cult don't ever think about the repercussions of their actions or the future of this Nation. They only think about their own selfish wants and how they can profit from the naivete or misery of others. I hope that every sane person in this Nation makes sure to VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS, and let's make 2018 the year we begin saving the USA from the mistakes and misdeeds of Traitor Trump!

  • Do you not hold the mothers/parents of these children accountable in any way? They know they will be separated from their children when they cross illegally. As a mother, I would NEVER put myself or my children in a situation in which I knew we would be separated. Before this immigration situation, were you as vocal about the needs of and the effects on children who are homeless, hungry or living with drug addicted parents? Don't all children deserve your concern and your voice or just children of illegal immigrants? When parents are caught breaking the law and are arrested, they are separated from their children. I'm sure you know enough about our laws to know that fact. Does it not bother you if the same circumstance involves US citizen parents and children? Perhaps I am wrong and you have also been an advocate for those children? The trauma of parental separation is the same no matter where the children are from and all deserve our care and concern. Would you agree?

  • The trauma of parental separation is horrible. However, for people who make the journey from the most violent countries in the world, they would rather their children have a chance at life, without the constant threat of death, without them than know their daughters are likely to be raped and their sons will either be recruited by gangs or killed.

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