Children of Illegals

If you are so upset about the children of INVADERS(Yes if you enter the country illegally with or without a weapon you are an Invader,) why do you not take some of them into your house to live with you. I understand you have a large home and are better able to pay to feed them than many American citizens. Until you are ready to back up your leftist words with actions that you are invested in, shut your pie hole.


  • Imagine your Cowardly ass is dead,you come back reincarnated and find yourself in the same position as these parents and thier children,would you still feel the same way??? If you answer yes than you are not only a coward and non empathetic asshole you are also stunningly full of shit!!!Remember this,our ancestors came to this country one way or another for a better life to escape poverty,crime,famine,and in many cases for political freedom..... Im sure when they did Native Americans and other indigenous people considered us INVADERS TOO, no one is saying to allow everyone in this country,but at a certain point we as human beings have to do right by these families & thier children that are caught up in the red tape and failure of our politicians to do the right thing...Many of these people have Worked,Paid Taxes.And Served In The Military,That’s A lot More That Can Be Said For Donald Trump And His Cowardly Band Of Billionaire Buisnessman Scumbags,Don’t You Think???😡💰🤺

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