Thank you for calling out Ms Ivanka Trump

Dear Samantha; Your comment(s) and suggestions to Ivanka Trump were appropriate and too kind. She is a horrid example of motherhood and beyond fake, shallow and insincere. She should be called out more and I am in complete agreement with your calling her what she is.
I am a feminist, mother, grandmother, her case the word was completely accurate and well used. Bravo. You have a fan forever


  • Shame on you for being a feminist and even thinking that ‘c’ word is appropriate to be used to berate another woman simply because you don’t like her

  • Wow. To the person who defended the comments about Ms Trump - you need to seriously look in the mirror. You don't know this woman and you don't know if she is fake or a good mother. No you can't be a feminist and support those comments about women. As for being a mother and grandmother ------ again, look in the mirror. It would be hard to say someone is a good role model, good mother, etc.... and make such vile comments.

    Of course it's OK to disagree with people, but it's not OK to make disgusting, disparaging comments about them or their family.

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