clean jokes

Hi Sam B, my 12 year old son and I had a discussion today about cursing ( he wanted me to put that he did NOT swear). Sometimes people curse, and unfortunately, sometimes their valid point is lost because they said a word that distracts. We get it. He made up these jokes during this discussion and I promised he could watch your show if his jokes were used, so here goes...

What is the difference between all those potato chips Lays keeps making and Donald Trump? One is greasy and disgusting, and the other won the popular vote.

How is Donald Trump like an atom? They both make up everything.

How is Roy Moore like an inspirational poster? They can both touch teens.

How is pottery made in art class like people who work for Donald Trump? One gets fired and sometimes made fun of, the other one is appreciated. ( I didn't quite get that one, but hey- he's 12)

I hope these made you smile, and gives you hope...

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