How dare you? We need to support all females, mostley when we disagree, because we are in controll!!

You embarrassed the entire female species by attacking another female. You dont think WE have enough to battle without your name calling against someone whom may not agree with you? I only want to share that we learn and nurture and influence thru grace. When you decide to disrespect someone, all unity will be lost. We have endured enough being the compliment in biblical terms. If we turn on each other , as women, then we are lost. Please consider you may be more than what you displayed. Hopefull.****


  • Only disagreeing because you appear to have missed the point of the insult.

    She did not attack all women, she attacked a public figure whose photo was a tacit insult to all the women who were concerned about the fact that even refugees that were entering the country legally were having their children separated from their mothers.

    It was the imagery of a woman of privilege being able to nurture her child and espouse personal grace, while failing to influence her father on a policy that was enacted to doing the exact opposite of what she was stating she was standing for.

    Sam used a strong invective to get the point across that Ivanka was failing (as a public figure) to influence, demonstrate public grace, or support nurturing children outside of her social bubble.

    That's what should be insulting to all women.

  • Embarrassing the entire female species??? That is about as full of shit as it gets only because as in every other species on the planet there are good and bad incarnations of male and female human beings....Should we really be caring about hurting the feelings of women or men who are Psychopathic,Narcissistic,Scumbags Who Lie,Steal,And Choose To Use Anything At Thier Disposal To Rape ,Pillage,And Murder Other Human Beings Just To Make Themselves Feel Superior To Everyone Else??? There are reasons we have many different words as part of our language in this world and that is to make our points Good or Bad, The Ying or the Yang,The Shine or the Shit,when we choose to express ourselves using words we have the right to free speech PERIOD!!! There are far worse things happening on this planet than Samantha Bee having a moment of rage and disgust towards Ivanka Trump or anyone else for that matter.Whether she was using it to describe a women or (a man like they do everyday in the UK) it is her and everyone’s first amendment right to do so PERIOD....Whether you like it or not there are people in this world that deserve to be called out when they are making a conscious choice to say and do nothing, in order to make thier family richer at the cost of innocent childrens lives and thier families....The Whole Trump Family And Administration Are A Bunch Of Feckless Cunts!!!! Hope That Makes You Feel Better About The Use Of A Word......

  • Give it a rest TDor, and get your facts straight before you single out someone - THIS PICTURE OF SEPARATED CHILDREN WAS TAKEN IN 2014!!!!! And IT WAS President Obama’s administration. Make sure you understand that as you wipe the egg off your face.
    And as for you - pjldude. That takes the cake - how on earth can you fling out such outrageous accusations like “Rape, Pillage, and Murder”? What planet are you from? This is a perfect example of identity politics. President Obama deported illegal immigrants as well - lots of them. Separating children from parents is routinely done at the border because parents go through an appeal process and are detained longer. This isn’t a thought-up Trump idea. They were separated under President Obama as well...... so let’s hear your outrage, now that you have the facts

  • oh I got my facts straight, you seem to be another one missing the point.
    did I happen mention the 2014 photo you are proclaiming? or rather the photo of Ivanka :p

    The photo that was circulated around the news was indeed from 2014 ( and during Obama's term) the caption on the photo (from the original news sources even stated the date) they were of UNACCOMPANIED minors that were picked up crossing the border (had no parents or guardians with them).

    Right now, under Trump's policy (it not law or legislation) nearly all refugees (not just illegal immigrants) are having their children removed from their families and placed in holding units, which are already crowded beyond capacity.

    At least the tangerine orangutan can claim the largest crowd in history for this one.
    (Currently 11,200+ children)

    Until very recently everyone was prevented access to any holding facility to examine the conditions the children were being held (not even US Senator Jeff Merkley) they called the cops to have him removed even after he had prearranged a visit.

    But by all means, keep holding a torch for Ivanka, for not speaking out.
    The rest will just keep casting her in shadow, until she decides to step up.

  • Why do you and those who share your point of view never hold the parent(s) accountable in any way for them being separated from their children? They know they will be separated from their children under the circumstances they have chosen to place themselves in. As a mother, I would NEVER do anything that would separate me from my children, especially in a place I did not know with people I did not know. When US citizens are arrested or taken into custody if they have their children with them, they are separated. Where is your concern for those children? There are children born here who are homeless, hungry, living with drug addicted parents; where is your concern for them? Where is your voice for them? Or is this immigration situation simply an opportunity for you to jump on the 'hate Trump' wagon once again? Where are all of you supporting illegal immigrants when children born here are suffering and crying?

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