Trump Loves Canada

Can't wait to see how Sam responds to this.
I can just imagine a line of protesters waiting for him
as he drives out of Ottawa Airport, unless or course he takes
a helicopter but just where would he land his enormous beast?

I cannot imagine, any political party in Canada willing to associate
it self with a meeting with Trump, or be seen to invite him to Canada
except Justin who does no longer cares as he knows he will not be
prime minister come next election.

Another reason why he thinks he can spend 5 billion of public money
instead of making a prime ministerial decisions.


  • I bet JT will represent all canadians as being even-tempered and polite, until it's time for them not to be. There will probably be a large amount of protestors ( there's always a protest at nearly every G summit) not just about for or against Trump.

    But I would pay money to see what a Canadian "hockey fight" between Trump and Justien Trudeau would look like. ( just pictured DT with his jacket pulled up over his head, lol)

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