Show should be taken off the air

We don't need women talking about other women this way. Remember what happened to the reporter who mentioned something about the Obama's girls clothing and she was fired. How can this be OK to say this horrible thing about the active sitting President's daughter? No woman should be called this. Also if TBS approved this language and air it, as they did, they also have no right to continue with their programing. What we need to do now is to boycott any and all sponsor for this show and this station. There are plenty of other things to do vs watching shows like this that hurt women. We need to get out of the house, stop watching these shows and meet with others, women, men and families and start building uplifting possible relationships within our communities.


  • I think if the offense isn't too much it doesn't warrant firing.(She didn't call her a racist insult like: You Eastern European half breed cracker. ) Maybe Samantha can vent with a new weekly segment: FECKLESS HUNT. The weekly segment where dimwits of the Trump administration are highlighted. Week one. Eric Trump. It will just write itself.

  • Samantha Bee and her hideous show should be taken off the air. Shameful double standard going on here by the media, TNT, TBS, CNN, etc. Truly disgusting behavior. Hope this rant comes back to bite her Forever and Ever - Amen.

  • OttawaMensCenter - tell me what corruptness you refer to? You can’t throw careless accusations like that without substantiated evidence....... and thus far - there is none.
    And a feckless rapist? While his behavior was indeed disgusting while a civilian - he has done nothing to be labeled as such since taking office..... now, Bill Clinton, on the other hand.....

  • If you are not opening your eyes to what is directly in front of you your just being Fucken Stupid....If you are ok with turning a blind eye to the treason and corruption of this administration that has been off the rails from the get go,then you have hit rock bottom as a human being...Good news is now that you have given up on your integrity and anything to do with having a backbone you have the option to make it right,take your favorite pistol from your gun safe,load one in the chamber,and right before you blow what’s left of your brains outta ya head,ask forgiveness for allowing yourself to become Another Sucker to the Cowardly Conman In Chief who loves the poorly educated......Your already 3/4 brain dead,do yourself and the planet a favor and just end your miserable ass sucking existence and take one for the team.....

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    You are a disgusting piece of trash. You are not funny. You try too hard to be a person of any substance. You are a foul mouthed-liberal- loser looking for attention, again you are the furthest piece of shit from even being or ever becoming a comedian. Considering how much you like the word CUNT I hope its engraved on your headstone, and if you have daughters and even granddaughters I hope its engraved on theirs as well. How's that word sounding now?

  • To Ms Bee and TBS:

    As a lifelong liberal woman who has fought hard to achieve standing in a male-dominated industry, I am at a complete loss to understand how a seemingly intelligent person could (1) allow yourself to be bullied into assaulting all women in the manner that you did, and then (2) fail to take responsibility and apologize with sincerity .

    Samantha, forget about Ivanka for the moment. In front of the world, you showed the picture of the daughter of our nation's President with her baby, a photo that related to all women, and proceeded to attack her on the world stage in the most foul way imaginable not only with the FC remark but by intimating that she had an unnatural relationship with her father. Is this what women are all about now? Are you the model woman for our children?

    In the days and interviews that followed, it became clear to the public that the entire fiasco was planned for you with your help and the show's professionals. Your apology needed to relate that you understood how deeply you offended this nation and its families. Just think - if I feel this way and I'm a liberal, what must the rest of the rest of America feel about you? I know that you were Canadian until 2014, but I would like to think that you care about being American too? America has certainly done well for you.

    We all make mistakes. Mistakes can often build or destroy character and reputation. What will you ultimately do with this one? You don't have to be outrageously vulgar to be funny - you are certainly witty enough to have grown out of that by now.

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