Is there a word?

All the trolls are so very offended by the word cunt and claim it is so derogatory to women. They say if a woman supports the use of this word they cannot possibly be a feminist.

So the question, in honor of equality, is there a word for a man that is equally offensive? I cannot think of one. Dick. Penis. Erection. Scrotum. Asshole. Foreskin.

Gosh, none of those words would incite this kind of backlash. Next time maybe Samantha should call Ivanka a clitoris or a vulva.

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    It was actually a rhetorical question. There is no equal word.


  • I don't use the word and I can think of the worst people in society and I'll refrain from using that word, but, I'm not going to tell, America's most successful communicator how to deliver a message, and deliver she did for which the world should be indebted to a beautiful lady delivering a beautiful message in spectacular style to the worlds most famous "dick head" of the United States of America.

  • OttawaMensCenter-seems to me Canada’s economy - being so closely tied to the USA’s, is just humming along now that ours is finally growing again.... thanks to “dick head”.

  • Dick head is not offensive. Not nearly so forbidden as cunt. Try again.

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    you could try "rancid smegma", but it has a few drawbacks;
    too many syllables to be a short insult
    no hard consonants to grab attention
    most people probably wouldn't know what smegma was, so they would probably mostly be offended by being called a word they don't know.

  • Still not as offensive or taboo. Dick cheese is just one more guy byproduct that is less offensive to be called than cunt.

    Probably it is more offensive to be called anything female in this misogynistic society than any gross man gunk. Being female is the lowest of the low, definitely being a female part that feels good sometimes. That is super offensive.

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    I see "Nutsack" hadn't been mentioned.
    add the qualifying adjective "bloated"or "shriveled". by using it in the opposite connotation of the direction they are heading in the conversation.

    equates to genitalia, and insinuates there is something abnormal.

    still not the same, but closer.

  • I just can't help but feel all this outrage is actually based in misogyny and not because anything Samantha said was so across some line. The only line she crossed was attacking the Princess.

  • agree, it was a tit for tat attempt for different levels of offenses.

    Rather that examining the different levels of censure, they were demanding a draconian response to all perceived slights onward.

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