Where is the outrage about the torture of children?

Where is the outrage about the torture of children? Shouldn’t this be the main topic of discussion, instead of the use of an obscene word?


  • Agree. That is the real point and the topic that should be discussed.

  • no one talks about this atrocity.

  • Ok - let’s talk about it, and let’s start with the truth. Samantha Bee used a photo from 2014 (under the Obama administration), to target the current administration. Maybe she didn’t know that fact- but I am going to bet my bottom dollar that she did; and tried to slip it under the rug - hoping people wouldn’t notice.

  • Yes, she used a photo that was from 2014, it was the same photo that was posted on ALL news stations, so she was using common image association to get the point across.

    yes, the image was from the Obama administration, it was even noted in the original photo caption that they were undocumented UNACCOMPANIED minors, the photo was used because nobody was allowed access to the detention centers for current photographs, it became common imagery when other news sites picked up the story, and either provided the source of the photo or not, that's on them and their choice to cite sources or not.

    The outrage is not solely about the 1,400+ children that disappeared, because the current administration failed to vet/update/track whom the children were released to.
    It's about the fact that refugees that are presenting themselves, legally, at ports of entry are having their children separated from their families. These are not just people that "jumped the wall" to into the country.

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