Time to give the Bee person the heave-hoe!! She's bad news. Not funny at all. If she is not fired by end of day, I will be getting in touch with your sponsers!÷


  • Keep me posted on which advertisers have NOT pulled their ads so I can quit using their products. There is a double standard for liberals. She should be fired. Calling ANYONE that name should get you fired, let alone the First Daughter!

  • 1rst,You need to focus on more important things,one of your evangelical preacher boys needs him a 54 million dollar jet to keep up with those scumbags in the Trump administration,....2nd, you need to ask yourself the all important question of why you have found it so easy to align yourself on every level with such Cowardly ,Dishonest and Corrupt human beings and then expect anyone to look at you as anything other than the morally bankrupt shithead that you have become...Just because you are to stupid to realize you have made a pact with the devil doesn’t mean it’s to late,go into your closet,unlock your gun safe,pull that baby out,put one in the chamber,raise it to head and pull the trigger....Your already brain dead and complicit in destroying our democracy and pissing on the graves of the brave people that died fighting for this country and it’s democracy,the least you could do is relieve the rest of humanity from your souless existence.....Now go watch Fox News and keep telling yourself what a righteous god fearing person you are ,Douche Bag!!!!

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