Naughty Samantha Bee for Offending Delicate Sensibilities

Naughty Samantha Bee for using the "c" word. My goodness how dare you offend Trump's delicate sensibilities. Everyone knows bullies can dish it out but can't take it. Remember we have returned to the Great America where comedians and other entertainers are held to a higher standard than the President or his cronies!

Please list all the advertisers who abandon Samantha Bee. I want to make sure I don't buy from businesses who support Trump's attempt to silence people who criticize him or his blatant abuse of the First Amendment.

God Bless America and
Keep doing your thing Samantha Bee - You Rock!


  • The pokes and jabs the media, comedians and pundants dole out to the trump syndicate is a mist over the ocean compared to the constant offense of his pre and current presidency offenses. The c word? Did she grab her by it?

  • Mice will play - and what would those offenses be?

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